Modification of the Bankart Reconstruction Using a Suture Anchor


ABSTRACT: A prospective study was done to determine the effectiveness of a suture anchor in doing a Modified Bankart Reconstruction on the traumatic unidirectional Bankart lesion  shoulder. From 1989 to 1991, 26 patients encompassing 27 shoulders with recurrent instability  had modified Bankart reconstructions. A minimum 18-month follow-up was obtained by  examination of 24 patients with telephone interviews done on two patients. The average  follow-up was 23.6 months. A 93.1% good-to-excellent result was obtained using the Bankart  rating scale. There were no failures or complications. The surgeon involved in the study  thought the suture anchor facilitated the attachment of the avulsed capsulolabral complex in doing the Bankart procedure.

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Steven M. Traina, MD; Jeffrey L. Holtgrewe, MD; Steven King, PA