Significance of Cold Intolerance in Upper Extremity Disorders


ABSTRACT: After upper extremity injury, pain on exposure to cold (cold sensitivity) is a  significant problem. This cross-sectional observational study (1) assesses the incidence and  prevalence of cold intolerance, (2) evaluates the relationship between functional status and  degree of cold intolerance, and (3) correlates health-related quality of life (HRQL) with  symptoms of cold intolerance. Patients in a tertiary care center completed questionnaires to  document (1) cold sensitivity, (2) upper extremity pain, symptoms, and function, and (3)  HRQL. Cold sensitivity was found to be associated with more functional limitations, greater  pain, and reduced HRQL. As the severity of cold intolerance increased, functional limitations  and pain increased and HRQL decreased. Cold intolerance has a profound effect on HRQL.

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L. Andrew Koman, MD; Stacey A. Slone, MS; Beth Paterson Smith, PhD; David S. Ruch, MD; Gary G. Poehling, MD