Translaminar Lumbar Epidural Endoscopy: Technique and Clinical Results


ABSTRACT: To provide baseline outcome data for a new lumbar microinvasive diskectomy  done with standard arthroscopic instrumentation, we retrospectively reviewed the cases of 190  patients. All patients were assessed by a modified MacNab outcome classification with a  minimum of a 2-year follow-up. All complications of this procedure were reported as well. No  previous outcome data are available for this procedure, since it has been done primarily at one  center, by the same surgeon, using his previously reported techniques. Results were good or  excellent in 175 patients and fair or poor in 15. Complications were not severe and were easily  remedied. This success rate is comparable to rates reported for other minimally invasive  operations on the lumbar  spine. This new technique of minimally invasive lumbar spine  surgery provides minimal morbidity and a long-term outcome comparable to that of other  standard procedures. The added benefits of using standard arthroscopic instrumentation are  discussed.

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Daniel Julio DeAntoni, MD; Maria Laura Claro, MD; Gary G. Poehling, MD; Steven S. Hughes, MD