Congenital Dislocation of the Knee: Overview of Management Options


ABSTRACT: Congenital dislocation of the knee (CDK) is rare and includes a spectrum of  hyperextension disorders of the knee. Early recognition of CDK is important, and careful  evaluation is required to rule out associated hip deformity. Early manipulation, combined with  splinting and casting, is the mainstay of initial treatment. Patients with seemingly fixed  contractures may respond rapidly to serial casting and then can be placed in a Pavlik harness.  Severe recalcitrant deformities or late presentation of the deformity may require surgical  release. We highlight the importance of diagnostic categorization, show management options,  and provide an overview of this rare but clinically significant problem. We present two case  reports that illustrate the full range of management options.

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Kermit S. Muhammad, MD; L. Andrew Koman, MD; James F. Mooney III, MD; Beth P. Smith, PhD