Wrist Arthrodesis Using a Wrist Fusion Plate


ABSTRACT: All wrist arthrodeses done between 1990 and 1996 using a Synthes wrist fusion  plate were reviewed. Independent assessment done by a certified hand therapist included a  patient survey, standardized Jebsen-Taylor hand function test and activities of daily living test,  and a Buck- Gramcko and Lohmann evaluation. We evaluated 13 wrists in 11 patients.  Overall satisfaction was 100% of patients (mean follow-up, 31.5 months; range, 13 to 61  months). Mean preoperative and postoperative pain scores improved from 7.2 to 0.8,  respectively, and functional scores improved from 5.0 to a postoperative mean value of 7.4. Jebsen-Taylor scores were virtually identical for fused and uninvolved wrists. There were no pseudarthroses, no plate failures, no tendon ruptures, and no significant postoperative  infections; there was a single plate removal because of tenuous skin coverage. Short-term  results using a comprehensive assessment of a custom plate designed for wrist arthrodesis  show promising clinical outcomes.

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Fraser J. Leversedge, MD; John G. Seiler III, MD; Marcia Toye-Vego, CHT, PT, OT; Lamar L. Fleming, MD