Reconstruction of Longitudinal Stability of the Forearm After Disruption of Interosseous Ligament and Radial Head Excision (Essex-Lopresti Lesion)


The restoration of longitudinal stability of the forearm after a radial head fracture with an  acute distal radioulnar dislocation and damage to the interosseous membrane (Essex-Lopresti  lesion) is a difficult problem. While most authors agree that early recognition of the pathology  and reconstruction of the radial head is the ideal treatment for longitudinal instability  associated with a radial head fracture, this may not always be possible. 1-3 The ability to  reconstruct the radial head depends on the degree of fracture comminution and proper  identification of associated pathology. Late recognition of the injury may preclude  osteosynthesis of the radial head and result in chronic pain necessitating conversion to one  bone fusion.4

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David S. Ruch, MD; David S. Chang, BA; L. Andrew Koman, MD