Southern Medicine During the War Between the States


In this article, I will describe a subject that is close to my heart—the practice of medicine  during the War of Northern Aggression. While the doctors in most of Georgia had gone to war,  my paternal grandmother’s father, William Emanuel McElveen, dispensed medicine and was a  local practitioner in Southeast Georgia (Bulloch County) under a certificate approved by the Savannah Medical College. During this conflict, my mother had two paternal great uncles,  Martin Daniel Hilliard and Charles Wesley Hilliard, who served as surgeons in the Alabama  Army. One graduated from the Reserve Medical School in Macon, Georgia, in 1842. The other  graduated from the same school in 1846. They both distinguished themselves during the war. Afterwards, one moved to Florida and the other to Texas.

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Waldo E. Floyd, MD