Episodic Snapping of the Medial Head of the Triceps Due to Weightlifting


ABSTRACT: We describe two patients who had episodic elbow snapping and ulnar nerve  dysesthesias only after weightlifting. These symptoms would disappear soon afterward. The  episodic nature of their complaints and findings led to misdiagnosis. We documented by  repeated clinical examinations and magnetic resonance imaging that the presence of these  symptoms correlated directly with the finding of intermittent, activity-related snapping of the  medial triceps. In both patients, the symptoms disappeared when the medial portion of the  triceps migrated medially but did not dislocate over the medial epicondyle with elbow flexion.  Thus, a minor change in the configuration of the medial portion of the triceps (fluid  accumulation) in the same individual at different times can cause intermittent dislocation of  the medial triceps. Previous papers dealing with patients with snapping of the medial triceps  describe symptoms exacerbated by athletic activities, but the constant finding of snapping on  sequential examinations .

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Robert J. Spinner, MD; Doris E. Wenger, MD; Christopher J. Barry, MD; Richard D. Goldner, MD