Patient Compliance and Satisfaction With Mechanical Devices for Preventing Deep Venous Thrombosis After Joint Replacement


ABSTRACT: A consecutive series of patients having total joint arthroplasty at a single  university hospital were sequentially treated with two mechanical devices for prevention of deep venous thrombosis (DVT). The first 104 patients (group 1) wore thigh-high sequential compression device (SCD). The next 120 patients (group 2) wore a foot pump. Daily documentation of hourly compliance with each respective device was recorded until
discharge. A patient satisfaction questionnaire was also obtained. Patient understanding about
the devices’ function aided compliance (73% compliance in group 1, and 77% in group 2). The satisfaction questionnaire revealed significantly greater satisfaction in group 2 (73%) versus group 1 (55%). Of a subgroup of 35 patients who had used both devices, 24 preferred the foot pump, 7 the SCD, and 4 had no preference. This study showed a higher degree of compliance and satisfaction for foot pumps as prophylaxis against DVT.

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Kathleen A. Robertson, MD, Alexander J. Bertot, MD, Michael W. Wolfe, MD, Robert L. Barrack, MD