Prevalence of Orthopaedic Maladies in People Who Flyfish: An Internet-Based Survey


ABSTRACT: In this study, we define the prevalence of back and joint pains in people who  flyfish. We use the Internet as a source of data. Requests for participation were posted on  flyfishing Web sites. Eighty-nine people were surveyed (E-mail group). A control group of 42  flyfishing club members participated (Club group). Epidemiologic information, flyfishing data,  and location of pain were collected. Low back pain in the 131 participants was 59%. No  differences between the two groups in location or prevalence were noted. Saltwater fishermen  had the highest rates of shoulder and elbow pain (31%). Trout fishermen had the highest rate  of wrist pain (31%). Warmwater anglers had the least leg (12%), elbow (12%), and shoulder  pain (18%). These afflictions mirror reports for other recreational activities. Low back pain was  he most prevalent complaint, followed by wrist/hand and shoulder. Flyfishing subtypes  have different rates and locations of pain, explained by equipment and technique. This report  defines use of the Internet as a data source for research.

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Keith Robert Berend, MD