Outcomes of Posterolateral Versus BAK Titanium Cage Interbody Lumbar Fusion in Injured Workers: A Retrospective Cohort Study


Lumbar fusion has been criticized for variable patient outcomes, though little is known regarding how outcomes vary across procedures. We examined outcomes of posterolateral versus BAK interbody lumbar fusion in workers’ compensation cases. A medical record review and a follow-up survey were completed. The sample included 185 posterolateral and 185 lumbar interbody fusions. An outcome survey was conducted an average of 5 years after surgery. Arthrodesis rates, satisfaction, function, and health were better for the BAK interbody lumbar fusion cohort. Results suggest greater efficacy of the BAK interbody approach over posterolateral approaches to lumbar fusion in compensated patients. (Journal of the Southern Orthopaedic Association 11(3):157–166, 2002)

M. Scott DeBerard, PhD, Alan L. Colledge, MD, Kevin S. Masters, PhD, Rand L.
Schleusener, MD, and John D. Schlegel, MD