Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine Apophyseal Avulsion Fracture


A case of anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) apophyseal avulsion fracture caused while playing football is reported. A 16-year-old amateur football player felt severe pain in his left groin while kicking the ball during training. There was point tenderness over the anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS). Avulsion fracture of AIIS was considered clinically. Radiographs confirmed the diagnosis. He was treated with a conservative rehabilitation program. He is still an active football player. Avulsion fractures follow violent or explosive muscular contractions against a fixed resistance, sudden deceleration, or stretching of the involved muscle or as a result of a direct trauma. This injury usually occurs with an extension moment to the hip joint, with the knee flexed, and it is commonly seen in sports that involve kicking. AIIS avulsion fractures should be a diagnostic consideration in patients with pain in the groin who are involved in activities requiring high-level forces of flexion of the hip. (Journal of the Southern Orthopaedic
Association 12(1):38–40, 2003)

Cemil Yildiz, Taner Aydin, Yavuz Yildiz, Tunc Alp Kalyon,  Mustafa Basbozkurt5