Osteoblastoma of the Scaphoid: A Case Report


Osteoblastoma is an uncommon primary bone tumor that rarely is found in the hand or wrist. Recurrent osteoblastomas often have a more aggressive appearance than the original tumor, and differential diagnosis from osteosarcoma is difficult. The pain that can accompany this tumor is debilitating. Therefore, successful treatment requires complete removal of the tumor. The purpose of this report is to present an unusual case of osteoblastoma of the carpal scaphoid. This tumor was treated successfully by curettage and bone grafting. At 1 year postoperatively, the patient presented with a stable, painless wrist with full range of motion. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 14(3):125–128, 2005)

Ricardo A. Meade, MD, Christian A. Allende, MD, Tsu-Min Tsai, MD