Acute Sepsis Complicating Degenerative Arthritis of the Hip Joint: A Report of Three Cases


This case report involves three patients in whom hip sepsis occurred in association with degenerative
joint disease, in the absence of any risk factors for infection. The diagnosis had been missed on initial
evaluation, and each patient had been referred to the authors’ adult reconstructive service to have
the arthritic hip replaced. In each instance, existing hip pain had worsened acutely. Further workup
led to the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment of the septic joint. These cases illustrate the
value of differential diagnosis when treating patients with degenerative hip disease. (Journal of Surgical
Orthopaedic Advances 14(4):190–192, 2005)
Key words: differential diagnosis, osteoarthritis, sepsis hip, total hip replacement

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B. Sonny Bal, MD, MBA, and Matthew Barrett, MD