Ring Removal From a Swollen Finger: A Refined Technique


A ring or circular object (wide steel band/nut) impaled on a swollen finger can be most difficult to remove. Likewise, wedding rings in the preoperative setting do not necessarily need to be cut off. This not previously described method uses a Penrose drain to wrap out the finger, an Esmarch or Ace elasticbandage to exsanguinate the extremity, and a constantly inflated surgical tourniquet or blood pressurecuff to keep out any influx of blood while the swollen finger is being decompressed repeatedly with a reapplication of the Penrose drain. The equipment for removal is readily available in all medical officesor emergency departments. This article presents a solution to a common problem. (Journal of SurgicalOrthopaedic Advances 15(3):181–183, 2006)

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Wayne B. Venters, MD