Tip of the Trade: A Method of Splinting for Surgeons


Mallet fingers are difficult to treat, especially in surgeons, who need to sterilize their hands continuously and who have constant strains placed on their fingers. We successfully treated a nondominant, fifth-digit, nonbony mallet finger in a surgical resident with a splint method composed of a bent, semitubular, small-fragment plate and Steri-strips (3-M, St. Paul, MN). This splinting method allowed the resident to continue performing surgeries while the injury healed. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 15(2):115–117, 2006)

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Brett M. Cascio, MD, CAPT., U.S. Army Reserve, Tai-Li Chang, BS, Dhruv B. Pateder,
MD, and Michael C. Ain, MD