Review of Current Methods Used in the Treatment of Clubfoot at Initial Presentation and at Recurrence


Idiopathic clubfoot is a common condition seen by orthopaedic surgeons and is characterized by complex three-dimensional deformity of the foot. It is recognized that clubfoot treatment is a challenging issue in orthopaedics because it is an ongoing process, beginning in early infancy and continuing until the patient has reached skeletalmaturity. This review article summarizes two important stages of clubfoot treatment. First, methods of initial correction — including nonoperative, semi-operative, and operative techniques — that have been used in the last 20 years are described. Second, the management of the recurrent clubfoot is discussed in terms of methods used to address specific deformities. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 17(2):107–114, 2008)

Christine Alvarez, MD, FRCSC, MSc, Mary De Vera, MSc, and Ranjit Varghese,