Overview of the Locking Compression Plate and Its Clinical Applications in Fracture Healing


Open reduction and internal fixation of fractures involves the use of metallic implants to support bone reduction. This procedure is often used in situations in which adequate alignment and stability of the bone cannot be achieved using nonsurgical methods such as casting. The locking compression plate is a contemporary implant that allows for both conventional screw placement (using nonlocking screws) and locking screw placement (where screw heads lock into the plate at a predetermined angle). This allows for greater versatility in the application of internal fixation. This article presents a general overview of locking compression plate application along with a review of the locking compression plate literature. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 17(4):271–281, 2008)

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Danielle L. Miller, Tarun Goswami, and Michael J. Prayson, MD