Longitudinal and Axial Stability of a Cementless Metaphyseal Versus a Fully Porous Coated Cylindrical Femoral Stem


Immediate full weightbearing after total hip arthroplasty can potentially lead to faster recovery. This cadaver study demonstrated that a proximally coated taper stem and a fully porous coated cylindrical stem did not differ in axial and torsional stability at failure under simulated full weightbearing with force directed both along the stem axis and perpendicular to the plane of the prosthesis. Both the taper stem and the cylindrical stem showed adequate stability for an immediate weightbearing protocol with respect to gross failure in osteoporotic bone. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 18(2):99–102, 2009)

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Venus R. Rivera, MD, Brent G. Parks, MSc, and Henry R. Boucher, MD