Traumatic Bilateral Testicular Dislocation Associated With an Anterior Posterior Compression Fracture of the Pelvis: A Case Report


Traumatic dislocation of a single testicle is an exceedingly rare event and bilateral dislocation is even less common. Traumatic testicular dislocation occurs by the mechanism of direct pressure exerted on the scrotum. Motorcycle collisions are the most frequent causative mechanism, usually related to deceleration straddle injuries. Since traumatic testicular dislocation is associated with other severe injuries, it is usually a late finding, leading to delayed diagnosis and treatment. This report describes a rare case of a patient involved in a motorcycle crash who sustained bilateral testicular dislocation associated with an anterior posterior compression pelvic fracture. To date, there are no reported cases involving management of bilateral testicular dislocation discovered during open reduction and internal fixation of the pelvis. Because the orthopaedic traumatologist may be the first to assess patients with pelvic fracture requiring surgery, the authors feel it is important to raise awareness of this injury. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 21(3):162–164, 2012)

Christopher S. Smith, MD; Corey S. Rosenbaum, DO, MS;
and A. Michael Harris, MD