Combat-Related Hemipelvectomy


Traumatic and trauma-related hemipelvectomies are rare and severe life-threatening injuries. Rapid hemostasis, early aggressive resuscitation, amputation completion, and wound debridement are the mainstays of initial treatment. Second-look debridements and delayed wound closure are mandatory. A multidisciplinary team is necessary in order to treat associated injuries as well assist with eventual rehabilitation. Adherence to specific treatment tenants outlined herein may minimize mortality and secondary morbidity, improving patient outcomes following these devastating injuries. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 21(1):38–43, 2012)

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MAJ Jean-Claude G. D’Alleyrand, MD; CDR Mark Fleming, DO; LtCol Wade T.
Gordon, MD; COL Romney C. Andersen, MD; MAJ Benjamin K. Potter, MD