Surgical Technique Affects Outcomes in Acromioclavicular Reconstruction


Optimal treatment for acromioclavicular (AC) dislocation is unknown. Numerous surgical procedures for AC injuries have been described with little comparison. This study sought to compare the clinical and radiographic results of various surgical techniques in order to identify the optimal surgical technique.  Ninety patients met inclusion criteria of AC reconstruction at this institution. A retrospective review of outcomes was performed using the electronic records system. Radiographs were measured for pre- and postoperative grade and percent elevation versus the contralateral side. Overall revision rate was 9%.  Suture button fixation had a revision rate of 0% compared to 14% (p D .01). Reconstruction procedures performed with distal clavicle excision showed a higher revision rate, 17% compared to 0% (p D .003).  There were no statistically significant clinical differences. AC reconstructions performed with suture button construct were superior to other surgical techniques. Procedures performed with distal clavicle excision were inferior to those without. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 22(1):71–76, 2013)

Jason A. Grassbaugh, MD; Chad Cole, PA-C; Kurt Wohlrab, MD;
and Josef Eichinger, MD