Anterior Intrapelvic Migration of Femoral Trial Head Requiring Secondary Surgical Approach for Retrieval


The current report describes a revision total hip arthroplasty in which the trial femoral head disassociated during reduction and migrated into a soft tissue capsule of the true pelvis between the external iliac vein and corona mortise. The authors believe this previously undescribed migration pattern was created by the patient’s history of recurrent dislocations. To retrieve the trial prosthesis without injuring the adjacent vasculature, a secondary surgical approach was utilized. The described case identifies the risk of pelvic migration in patients with a history of dislocations and reminds us that a secondary surgical approach should be considered to avoid devastating injury to the neighboring vasculature. Key words: complication, disassociation, revision, total hip arthroplasty

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Johannes F. Plate, MD, PhD; Daniel N. Bracey, MD; Anne C. Plate, PA-C; Eben A. Carroll, MD; and Jason E. Lang, MD