Arthroscopy and Manipulation Versus Home Therapy Program in Treatment of Adhesive Capsulitis of the Shoulder: A Prospective Randomized Study


This study determined in a prospective manner if arthroscopic shoulder capsular release can decrease the duration of adhesive capsulitis symptoms when compared with a nonoperative home therapy program. Patients randomized to the operative group underwent arthroscopic capsular release and manipulation of the shoulder. Immediately after surgery they began the same stretching program as the nonoperative group, which consisted of terminal range of motion low-grade stretches twice daily for at least 15 minutes per session for 3 months. Twenty-six patients granted consent for the study (final analyses included 10 operative and 7 nonoperative). There were no statistical differences between the groups regarding gender, age (operative mean age, 51.5 š 11.1 years; nonoperative mean age, 52.0 š 6.8 years) or treatment outcome. This prospective, randomized study, which compared arthroscopic capsular release to a gentle home stretching program, demonstrated both treatment options to be effective treatment modalities. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 24(1):69–74, 2015) Key words: adhesive capsulitis, physical therapy, shoulder, surgery

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James Adam Smitherman, MD; Aimee M. Struk, MEd, ATC, LAT; Mike Cricchio, OTR/L; Ginny McFadden, OTR/L; Ruth B. Dell, OTR/L; MaryBeth Horodyski, EdD, ATC; and Thomas W. Wright, MD