Fifty Most-Cited Articles in the Orthopaedic Treatment of the Hip


This study sought to identify the 50 most-cited articles in the literature pertaining to the surgical treatment of the hip, which has not yet been done to the authors’ knowledge. In December 2014, an all-years search of the Thompson Institute for Scientific Information Web of Science was conducted for the term ‘‘hip.’’ Articles were sorted from most to least cited. Citations per article ranged from 3176 to 372. The majority of the articles were clinical in nature (64%) and hip arthroplasty was the predominant focus (70%). Eight different journals were included. The majority of the articles were published since the 1990s. Sixty-two percent of the articles originated from U.S. institutions. Only 12% of the articles were level I or II evidence with the majority being level IV evidence (44%). This study highlights the paucity of high-quality evidence, and further well-designed studies are needed to guide the future direction of hip surgery. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 25(3):165–171, 2016)
Key words: fifty most-cited; hip, orthopaedics; most-cited articles; top articles; top-cited

Peter M. Formby, MD; Scott C. Wagner, MD; and Andrew W. Mack, MD