Maintaining Levels of Lower Extremity Amputations


Patients who have undergone a lower extremity amputation may develop an unstable soft tissue envelope of the amputation stump. This envelope may result in pain that prohibits prosthetic use or may become chronically infected. Providing stable soft tissue coverage at the amputation site may provide relief from pain and cure of infection. Additionally, a stable amputation soft tissue envelope may assist with the ability of that patient to maintain his or her existing level of ambulation, overall sense of wellness, and ability to maintain social integration. Salvage of a lower extremity amputation level may significantly improve a patient’s overall quality of life. Attempts to salvage an amputation level that is plagued by unstable wounds, pain, or infection are warranted in those patients who have the
physiologic reserves to undergo salvage of their amputation level. This article presents an approach to the salvage of lower extremity amputations utilizing both local tissue rearrangements and free tissue transfer techniques. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 25(3):137–148, 2016)
Key words: Key words: amputation level, free flaps, lower extremity, salvage, tissue transfers

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Christopher Bibbo, DO; David Ehrlich, MD; L. Scott Levin, MD; and Stephen J. Kovach, MD