Obtaining Volar Tilt in Distal Radius Fixation: Use of a Screw as a Proximal Post


Volar plating of distal radius fractures was introduced as a means to circumvent some of the issues with dorsal-based plating but has been shown not to be a complete panacea, as other advantages and challenges have subsequently been discovered. Careful attention and proper technique must be utilized to restore and maintain volar tilt. This study reports a technique of using a locking screw as a proximal peg to reliably obtain the volar tilt in a simple fashion. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 25(2):121–125, 2016)
Key words: distal radius fracture, proximal peg, reduction technique, volar plating

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B. Collier Watson, DO; Benjamin C. Taylor, MD; Adam Madsen, DO; Freddie D. Persinger, DO; and Andy R. Malarkey, DO