Remodeling of the Calcaneocuboid Joint in the Acquired Flatfoot


There has been debate recently as to whether the lateral column is actually short in the acquired flatfoot. Doubters argue that it is not possible for the lateral column to change in length and actually shorten, especially in the acquired type. In this series of 21 consecutive patients operated on for an acquired flatfoot, the calcaneocuboid joint (CC) had remodeled in all, resulting in the calcaneal side being short, facing laterally and dorsally. These findings give evidence to the rationale for performing a lateral column lengthening (LCL) proximal to the CC joint to treat the acquired flatfoot. When performing a LCL, one should attempt to restore length to the calcaneal side of the joint and to redirect it medially and plantarward. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 27(3):237–245, 2018)
Key words: acquired flatfoot, bone remodeling, calcaneocuboid joint, flatfoot, lateral column lengthening, posterior tibial tendon insufficiency

Arthur Manoli II, MD