The ‘‘Well-Cap’’ Technique: Screw Insertion for Pelvic Nutrient Foramen Hemostasis


Several approaches to the pelvis and acetabulum involve subperiosteal dissection of the iliacus from the internal iliac fossa.Typically bleeding is encountered from the nutrient foramen located near the sacroiliac joint. Bone wax and electrocautery have traditionally been used to achieve hemostasis from this foramen but produce inconsistent results.The authors of this technical tip describe a novel technique of inserting a cortical screw directly into the foramen tocontrol osseous hemorrhage.This technique has been consistently effective at achieving hemostasis in cases of refractory bleeding and has produced no complications. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 27(3):246–250, 2018)
Key words: bone wax, cortical screw, hemostasis, iliac nutrient foramen, osseous bleeding

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Brendan R. Southam, MD; Frank R. Avilucea, MD; Amanda J. Schroeder, MD; Ryan P. Finnan, MD; and Michael T. Archdeacon, MD, MSE