Treatment of Pediatric Osteoid Osteomas Not Amenable to Radiofrequency Ablation: A Retrospective Review of Surgical Outcomes


The purpose of this study is to describe the surgical treatment of osteoid osteomas in a pediatric cohort of patients who were found not to be candidates for percutaneous ablative therapies. Medical records for 29 pediatric patients who were treated surgically for osteoid osteomas were reviewed. Reasons for surgical management included diagnostic uncertainty or lesions that were in close proximity to an articular surface or neurovascular structure. Twenty-eight patients experienced complete symptom resolution. Surgical treatment may still be indicated in a select group of osteoid osteoma patients who are not candidates for percutaneous treatment. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 27(4):299–302, 2018)
Key words: osteoid osteoma, pediatric, radiofrequency ablation, recurrence

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Thomas Sanders, MD; Doris E. Wenger, MD; Ali Ashraf, MD; Amy L. McIntosh, MD; Anthony A. Stans, MD; William J. Shaughnessy, MD; Andre J. van Wijnen, PhD; and A. Noelle Larson, MD