Recurrent Pain in a Patient with Bilateral Scaphotrapezial Coalition and Radiocarpal Arthritis


Carpal coalition is an uncommon and rarely reported anomaly, characterized by the union of two or more carpal bones. It is usually found incidentally during radiographic evaluation for trauma or other unassociated pathology. While lunotriquetral and capitohamate coalitions are the most common forms of carpal coalition, there are very few reports of scaphotrapezial coalitions described in the literature. This a novel case report, in which we present a case of bilateral scaphotrapezial coalition in a patient with radiocarpal arthritis and persistent wrist pain. Furthermore, this case report discusses the classification systems and treatment options of this anomaly. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 29(1):48–49, 2020) Key words: scaphotrapezial coalition, anomaly, radiocarpal arthritis, Minnaar, arthrodesis

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Arthur McDowell; Andrew Jeong; Rolanda Willacy and Robert Wilson, MD