Reconstruction of Distal Humerus Fractures with Severe Bone Loss: A Case Series and Review of the Literature


The objective of this study was to describe examples and review the literature of distal humerus fracture reconstruction in the setting of severe bone loss. Four individuals (ages 19–59 years) were treated with either fibular strut allograft or fresh frozen osteochondral allograft in the setting of unreconstructable periarticular bone loss. The radiographs were evaluated for evidence of union. Pain and degrees of range of motion were reported when available. The follow-up period ranged from 3 to 42 months. While additional surgery was often needed, union was ultimately obtained in each case. Normal range of motion was not obtained, but two of the four patients were near normal upon union. Two of the four patients were pain free, and the other two had mild pain. All were limited in their activities, even after union. This case series describes satisfactory results with the use of allograft in this difficult clinical problem. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 29(2):65–72, 2020) Key words: humerus, reconstruction, allograft

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Shane Tipton, MD; Fiesky Alejandro Nunez Jr., MD, PhD; Fiesky Alejandro Nunez Vazquez Sr., MD; Jason J. Halvorson, MD; and Eben A. Carroll, MD