Noise Exposure and Risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss to the Adult Reconstruction Surgeon: Recommendations for Prevention and Monitoring


Goal of the study was to determine the average noise exposure to the orthopaedic surgeon performing hip and knee arthroplasty and the benefit of customized hearing protection. Data from dosimeters (3MTM Edge 4) worn by three adult reconstruction orthopedic surgeons for a total of 27 operative day recordings was analyzed using 3MTM Detection Management Software (product version Westone TRU custom hearing protection was used with different filters according to noise reduction rating (NRR). The overall average decibel level was 80.64 dB (73.6-87.2 dB, +/- 4.18). The peak decibel level averaged 103.66 dB (97.30-110.30, +/-3.02). The authors subjective trial of custom hearing protection determined the NRR 10 and 15 filters were most effective at noise reduction with adequate ability to communicate effectively. Our study demonstrates that the daily exposure to the total joint surgeon exceeds safe levels. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 29(4):202–204, 2020)

Key words: noise; arthroplasty; hearing loss

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Kelli S. Baum, DO; Anna E. Nichols, AuD; Michael E. Seem, MD; T. David Luo, MD; Dainnya Busbin, CIH; Maxwell K. Langfitt, MD; and John S. Shields, MD