Resident Education and Wellness: A Strategy for Future Pandemics


The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic presented a novel challenge to modern healthcare systems and medical training. Resource allocation and risk mitigation dramatically aff ected resident training. The objective of this article is to develop new strategies to maintain a healthy, competent residency program while combating the unique challenges to resident education and wellness. In 2020, our institution implemented a revolving 3-Team system. While the “Inpatient-Team” delivered direct care, the “Back-up Team” and “Quarantine-Team” managed the telemedicine virtual clinic and educationwellness strategy, respectively. Our 3-Team system allowed delivery of safe, high-quality patient care while optimizing resident education, research, and wellness. The effi cient use of technology led to both improved virtual education outside of the hospital and intentional wellness opportunities despite social distancing restrictions. Utilization of virtual platforms for patient care, education, research, and wellness grew out of necessity in this pandemic, yet represent an opportunity for lasting improvement. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 31(3):150–154, 2022)

Key words: education, wellness, mentorship, risk management, strategy, pandemic, COVID, mental health, tieredteam research, and surgical training

Samuel L. Posey, MD; Josef E. Jolissaint, MD; Aaron M. Brandt, MD; Rachel B. Seymour, PhD; Stephen H. Sims, MD; Joseph R. Hsu MD; Joshua C. Patt, MD; and Brian P. Scannell, MD