Operative Outcomes for Accessory Navicular in Adolescents


The purpose of this study is to report the operative outcomes in a consecutive series of adolescent patients with symptomatic accessory navicular (AN). A retrospective review was conducted. Patient characteristics, operative techniques, and outcomes were recorded. Radiographs were used to identify the type of AN, skeletal maturity, and presence of concurrent pesplanus. Twenty-two patients and 24 feet were studied. All 22 patients had an excision of the AN, and 19 patients had an additional reefing of the tibialis posterior tendon. At final follow up, 22 cases reported no pain, one had minimal pain, and one reported no change in pain. Symptomatic AN is more common in females. Surgery technique was not correlated with postoperative pain. Surgery eliminated pain in 91% of patients and can be safely performed in athletes with high rate of return to their previous athletic performance. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 31(1):053–055, 2022)

Key words: accessory navicular bone, foot diseases, adolescent, athletes, flatfoot

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Ally A. Yang, BS; William L. Hennrikus MD; and Ellius Kwok, MS