Program Directors’ Perception of the Role of Personal Statements in the Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Selection Process


The purpose of this study was (1) to determine how much emphasis is placed on the Personal Statement (PS) by program directors (PDs) and (2) to gain a better understanding of what factors within the PS are considered most important to PDs. An anonymous survey was distributed to PDs at allopathic orthopaedic residency programs in the United States using Survey Monkey (San Mateo, CA). Survey responses were received from 51 of 152 (34%) PDs. Forty-five (88.2%) identified as male, five (9.8%) identified as female, and one (1.9%) chose not to disclose. PDs reported the PS was of average importance, with an average score of 2.82 (range,1–4). Although the PS is still given consideration as part of the overall orthopaedic surgery residency application process, it does not play a major role in determining which applicants will be invited for an interview or how they will be ranked. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 31(2):090–095, 2022)

Key words: program director, personal statement, residency, application

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Laith K. Hasan, BBA; Lara L. Cohen, MPH; Caroline J. Granger, BS; Allison L. Boden, MD; Symone M. Brown, MPH; Amiethab Aiyer, MD; and Mary K. Mulcahey, MD