Outcomes of Iliac Wing Fractures: A Systematic Review of the Literature


To review the literature on iliac wing fractures to assess outcomes of operative and nonoperative treatment. A search of PubMed, MEDLINE, and Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews was performed. Articles reporting on iliac wing fractures without pelvic ring destabilization or intraarticular extension were included. Study information and patient data were collected, and a Methodological Index for Non-randomized Studies (MINORS) score was assigned to each article. In total, 19,363 articles were identified with 32 qualifying for inclusion. The articles included 131 patients with 133 fractures. The mean age was 43.6, and mean follow-up time was 41.9 months. Forty-eight (36%) fractures were treated operatively, and 85 (64%) were treated nonoperatively. Associated injuries included bowel injuries, other pelvic fractures, gunshot wounds, and arterial injuries. There is an absence of comparative studies between operative and nonoperative management of iliac wing fractures. Indications for operative management appear to depend on comminution, open fractures, and associated injuries. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 32(3):139–147, 2023)

Key words: iliac wing, pelvis fracture

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Jacquelyn P. Cruz, BA; Colin K. Cantrell, MD; Daniel J. Johnson, MD; Erik B. Gerlach, MD; and Bennet A. Butler, MD