Giant Cell Tumor and the Skeletally Immature Patient


ABSTRACT: Conventional wisdom suggests that giant cell tumor (GCT) does not occur in the skeletally immature individual; however, we believe that GCTs of bone, though rare, do occur in children. We are reporting the occurrence of GCT of bone in three patients who were  skeletally immature at the time of their initial presentation. In our review of the reports since  1954 that document this condition, we were also able to find a total of 318 patients, of whom  130 were skeletally immature at the time of their tumor presentation. From the data compiled,  we found a 7.5% incidence of GCT of bone in skeletally immature individuals at a mean age of  10.5 years. Based on our review and the experience with our three patients, we believe the  diagnosis of GCT of bone should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a destructive  lesion of bone in skeletally immature individuals. Giant cell tumor in the skeletally immature is  eing reported here to better define its incidence and increase awareness of its occurrence.  Management options will also be discussed.

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Jeffrey D. Morgan, MD; John L. Eady, MD