Group B Streptococcal Prosthetic Joint Infections


ABSTRACT: We report 6 cases of group B streptococcal prosthetic joint infections seen in our institution and review 8 previously reported cases. These 14 patients (6 men and 8 women)  had an average age of 69. Seven hip joints and 7 knee joints were affected. Only 4 patients had  risk factors for prosthetic joint infection (diabetes mellitus in 2, cancer in 1, and  myelodysplasia in 1). The average time from surgery to onset of symptoms was approximately  4 years (range, 5 months to 10 years). Pain in the affected joint was the chief complaint. Six  patients had bacteremia. Seven patients had known or suspected foci of infection, which were  genitourinary tract (1), skin and soft tissue trauma sites (1), gastrointestinal tract (1), and  oropharynx (1). Nine patients required prosthesis removal in addition to antibiotic therapy.  Two patients had apparent cure of the infection with retention of the prosthesis. Group B  streptococcal prosthetic joint infections appear to be a late complication of prosthetic joint  replacement surgery.

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Joan M. Duggan, MD,Gregory Georgiadis, MD, Cornel VanGorp, MD, James Kleshinski, MD