The Cup Fulcrum: A Technical Tip to Improve Femoral Exposure in Total Hip Arthroplasty


An unobstructed view of the proximal femur is a necessity in total hip arthroplasty for proper femoral preparation and to minimize the risk of femoral fractures and damage to the proximal soft tissues. A novel leverage technique is described that uses a trial head and liner to improve femoral visualization for the posterolateral approach. The cup fulcrum technique may minimize the risk of component malposition and damage, femoral fractures, and wound complications. Because there is no additional instrumentation or cost associated with this technique, it should prove useful for all surgeons who perform total hip arthroplasty through the posterolateral approach. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 17(4):284–286, 2008)

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James V. Bono, MD, Jason E. Lang, MD, and James J. Nicholson, MD