Outcomes of Subtalar Arthroereisis for the Planovalgus Foot


Chronic pain and gait disturbance are possible complications of subtalar arthroereisis. Despite literature indicating a considerably high rate of such complications, subtalar arthroereisis continues to be commonly performed for children with pes planus. The goals of this study are to identify common presenting features and an approach to the treatment of foot pain after subtalar arthroereisis. This case report includes six feet in which subtalar implants were used to treat flatfoot deformities in children. After failing conservative management for chronic postoperative pain, all patients had their implants removed resulting in relief of pain. The expedited removal of subtalar implants in cases of chronic foot pain after arthroereisis is encouraged. The authors do not recommend the use of subtalar arthroereisis in pes planus given its potential complications and literature review indicating a paucity of cases with improved function and activity level as a result of the procedure. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 21(3):147–150, 2012)

Salar Hazany, MD; Nancy Ly, BS; David Hazany, BS; Semon Bader, MD;
and NY Ostuka, MD