Allograft Reconstruction of Chronic Pectoralis Major Tendon Ruptures


In chronic pectoralis tendon tears, primary repair may not be possible and allograft reconstruction may be required. The goal of this study was to report the authors’ experience with chronic pectoralis major tendon reconstructions using an Achilles tendon allograft in three military patients. Three consecutive patients presenting with chronic, complete pectoralis major tendon tears underwent reconstruction by a single surgeon using the same described technique at a mean of 22.2 months after initial injury. Final outcomes were assessed at a mean of 24.5 months postoperatively, yielding one excellent and two good results. All patients were satisfied. All patients returned to full active duty military service and recreational weight lifting by 6 months. Achilles allograft reconstruction of chronic pectoralis major tendon ruptures is a viable treatment option. Good to excellent results can be achieved in active patients, even when reconstruction is performed nearly 2 years from the time of injury. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 22(1):95–102, 2013)

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Michael A. Zacchilli, MD; Justin T. Fowler, MD; and Brett D. Owens, MD