Anthropometry of the Human Scaphoid Waist by Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography


Published measurements for the scaphoid are scarce. The purpose of this study is to define
anthropometric norms for the waist of the scaphoid to assist in optimizing bone graft quantity and implant use. Computed tomography images of the wrist were reviewed by three surgeons. Anthropometric data were gathered, including the scaphoid waist diameter in two dimensions and the scaphoid waist volume. Each study was measured twice, allowing for determination of inter- and intraobserver reliability. Fortythree studies were examined (23 female and 20 male). Average measurements of the scaphoid waist were 11.28 š 0.26 mm in the sagittal plane and 8.70 š 0.17 mm in the coronal plane, and the waist volume was 715 š 33.0mm3. Specific measures of the narrowest portion of the scaphoid are provided by this study. Measurements of the scaphoid waist through the use of three-dimensional imaging are an accurate method with good inter- and intraobserver reliability. The measurements obtained from this study can be applied to guide graft and implant selection for treatment of scaphoid waist fractures and nonunions. ( Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 24(3):184–187, 2015)

Key words: anthropometric, bone graft, headless compression screw, nonunion, scaphoid

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Jennifer Smith, MD; Eric P. Hofmeister, MD; Christopher Renninger, MD; Leo T. Kroonen, MD