Posterior Capsule Reconstruction with Polypropylene Mesh After Total Hip Arthroplasty


Instability remains a challenge after total hip arthroplasty (THA). We have previously utilized a monofilament polypropylene mesh to reconstruct the posterior capsule for unstable THA. This study identified 24 hips that underwent mesh reconstruction of the posterior capsule for instability. Survivorship was 70.8% at mean 6.5 years (range 6 weeks–20.1 years). Six patients underwent re-operation, and one patient had the mesh removed. Of eight hips, five (62.5%) with a history of prior revision re-dislocated, while only 2/16 hips (12.5%) with no previous revision history re-dislocated (p = 0.02). Posterior capsule reconstruction with polypropylene mesh has reasonable mid-term survivorship in this challenging population. (Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 32(2):092–096, 2023)

Key words: total hip arthroplasty, dislocation, posterior capsule reconstruction, polypropylene mesh, survivorship

James M. Rizkalla, MD; Brian P. Gladnick, MD; Tolulope F. Obafemi, MD; Kurt J. Kitziger, MD; Paul C. Peters, Jr., MD; and Richard D. Schubert, MD