Volume 23-4, Winter 2014

Table of Contents Editorial – L. Andrew Koman, MD Mini-Open Repair of Achilles Rupture in the National Football League Kirk A. McCullough, MD; Christopher M. Shaw, MD; and Robert B. Anderson, MD Abstract | Download | Purchase Tears of the Achilles tendon in professional athletes are an infrequent yet devastating […]

Volume 23-3, Fall 2014

Table of Contents Implications of Humanitarian Orthopaedic Surgery in a Combat Zone: Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom Experience – R. Judd Robins, MD; C. Rees Porta Abstract | Download | Purchase The primary mission of deployed military orthopaedic surgeons in a combat zone is to treat musculoskeletal battlefield trauma […]

Volume 23-2, Summer 2014

Table of Contents Letter to the Editor Amputation Characteristics Vary by Branch of Service – Chad A. Krueger, MD; James R. Ficke, MD; and Joseph C. Wenke, PhD Abstract | Download | Purchase This study examines the amputees from the Army and Marine Corps, the two military branches that have […]

Volume 23-1, Spring 2014

Table of Contents Editorial Patient Selection in Outpatient and Short-Stay Total Knee Arthroplasty – Scott Lovald, PhD; Kevin Ong, PhD; Edmund Lau, MS; Girish Joshi, MD; Steven Kurtz, PhD Abstract | Download | Purchase The purpose of the current study is to identify patients who are at high risk for […]

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