Volume 27-4, Winter 2018

Table of Contents Posterior Fibula of Pes Cavus: Real or Artifact? Answer Based on Cross-Sectional Imaging – Sean C. Peden, MD; John C. Tanner III, MD; and Arthur Manoli II, MD Abstracts | Download | Purchase Cavus foot deformity is an often overlooked source of pathology. In the cavus foot, […]

Volume 27-3, Fall 2018

Table of Contents Evaluation of Biofilms on Explanted Shoulder Prostheses Using Functional Biofilm Assay and Scanning Electron Microscopy – Wesley Frevert, MD; Thomas W. Wright, MD; Kevin W. Farmer, MD; Qingping Yang, MS; Aimee M. Struk, MEd, ATC; and Greg Schultz, PhD Abstract | Download | Purchase Successfully treating shoulder arthroplasty infection […]

Volume 27-2, Summer 2018

Table of Contents Use of 360° Feedback to Develop Physician Leaders in Orthopaedic Surgery – Paul J. Gregory, PhD; David Ring, MD2; Harry Rubash, MD; and Larry Harmon, PhD Abstract | Download | Purchase Twelve service chiefs participated in 360° feedback surveys and coaching as part of a departmental leadership […]

Volume 27-1, Spring 2018

Musculoskeletal Manifestations of Amyloidosis: A Focused Review – Thomas X. Nguyen, MD; Abbas Naqvi, MD; Terry L. Thompson, MD; and Robert H. Wilson, MD Abstract | Download | Purchase Amyloidosis is a poorly understood condition that can wreak havoc on numerous systems within the human body. In addition, this disease can […]

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