Volume 13-4, Winter 2004

Mechanical Bone Strength of the Tibial Resection Surface at Increasing Distance From the Joint Line in Total Knee Arthroplasty — Christopher D. Chaput, MD; Steve H. Weeden, MD, William A. Hyman, SCD, and Kirby D. Hitt, MD Abstract | Download  | Purchase Few articles have addressed the bone strength of […]

Volume 13-3, Fall 2004

Editorial — Changing Ethical Standards in Scientific Publication — Richard A. Brand,MD; James D. Heckman, MD; James Scott, FRCS Hip Fracture and Venous Thromboembolism in the Elderly — Louis M. Kwong, MD Abstract | Download  | Purchase Venous thromboembolism (VTE), a highly prevalent vascular disorder, is frequently clinically silent, and […]

Volume 13-2, Summer 2004

Gas Gangrene and Necrotizing Fasciitis in the Upper Extremity — Betsy N. Perry, MD; Waldo E. Floyd III, MD Abstract | Download  | Purchase Necrotizing soft tissue infections encompass a wide variety of clinical syndromes resulting from introduction of various pathogens into injured or devitalized tissue. The extent of microbial […]

Volume 13-1, Spring 2004

Letters to the Editor The Prevention of Occupational Low Back Pain Disability: Evidence-Based Reviews Point in a New Direction — Jeffrey B. Feldman, PhD Abstract | Download  | Purchase The findings of recent extensive evidence-based reviews of the literature on occupational low back pain disability (OLBPD) are examined. There is […]

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